Welcome to the 6th edition of Mánchame from June 11 to 14!!!


   Dear friends of Mánchame , this is your moment!!! This year we have decided to honour our name and we have chosen as our mascot the animal who most likes to get "dirty": the pig. 

   For those of you who speak Spanish, you can easily understand why. For those of you who don't, you'll discover with us the pleasures of frolicking in the muddy waters of tango. Our mascot will lead us "hoof by hoof" on unimaginable paths full of tango, sun baths, musical improv and crazy partying. For those of you who have already participated in our previous editions, you know exactly what we are talking about. For those of you who haven't, well, it's enough to say that, as the pig is the symbol of wealth and good luck, you can let yourselves guided by its wisdom and come to get "sullied" with tango and fango, together with all sorts of other tango animals.


   This year we have added one extra day, so we'll start partying a day earlier, on Thursday!!! Let's give it all in Mánchame!

OPEN REGISTRATION THE 23 of february AT 12H !!

  “La fábrica de la luz” opens its gates again. On the banks of the river Lezuza, this old mill is an idyllic place where you can get in touch with nature, share nice meals, enjoy the sun, the water and nice walks and most of all… dance tango incessantly!


Thirty hours of music, three well-known and, above all, charming DJs, Pilates classes, Contact improvisation, massages and small surprises… A marathon for all senses.


This year we’ll tango again in La Mancha… so start looking for a partner!


Sara y Yann